Get up

and try today on for size and today might just let you move one step closer to wise feel each breath when we forget to notice the wonder of air filling the center of soul Knowing as the journeyer that every step is the goal. Notice how the brushstroke breeze makes waves in the reservoir


Tuesday April 16 This morning we woke up and flew to Copenhagen. Copenhagen in similar enough to Amsterdam that it will invite endless comparisons. Our hotel is outside of town, across a bridge that’s under construction. It makes a difference where the hotel is – when you’re in town everything feels closer. Copenhagen is a


Friday 4/12 Our flight was late into Copenhagen – apparently they forgot to load all of the bags onto the plane so we had to wait while they loaded, balanced, and refueled the plane. That made us miss our connection in Copenhagen, however, they rebooked us pretty quickly onto a midday flight. The part of

Cloud cover

The Sun would shine clearly but It’s under cloud cover trying to climb over trying to break through the path would be clear see but my current perspective is within the forest is under umbrellas of multihued mushrooms the connection that’s unmade the message that’s unsaid the rolling stream cascades the pine needles created a

Decomposition and recompostion

There are two ways I’ve thought about decomposition: in learning complex tasks and in renewing the forest. Mushrooms are amazing at decomposition and recycling. They blossom overnight. They convert death to life. They take shapes and colors that are surprisingly diverse. Learning complex tasks also takes decomposition of the whole into more manageable parts and


I told myself I’d get up with the sunrise I told myself I’d get up with the sun And I would be ready – shake sleep from my eyes Put my feet on the ground put the positive on Though the morning has chosen to be very chilly Still the sky is open to letting


The short eight minutes that it takes The sunlight to arrive at earth Transform the energetic waves From violent to light and warmth Spinning inferno, raging sun Surface boiling with storms and light First Leaping out, then pulling in Storms interrupting satellites A dynamo, the iron core envelopes the earth within it Should share shading,

ELK talk – NARST

Here is a link to the talk I did on Eliciting Learner Knowledge (ELK) on Tuesday March 13th at 2:45-4:00pm. Let me know if you have questions! ELK NARST For more information on practice spaces in general, here’s the practice space page on the Teaching Systems Lab website. TSL Practice Spaces for Teacher Preparation

Virtual Reality as a learning tool

Noteworthy Apps in VR Jan 2018 What’s going on at MIT Collaborative Learning Environments in VR Overviews on VR “From Augmented to Virtual Learning: Affordances of Different Mixes of Reality for Learning” – Eric’s upcoming talk 1/25/18 Clay Bavor, google’s vp of vr+ar, giving a display talk in june. One quote from it: “VR can