Bubbles in water

My water pitcher has been my muse again! This time it’s because I left it out on the counter and came back to find bubbles. So I wondered – what would happen to the bubbles if I put the pitcher back into the frig? Would they dissolve?

Think about this for a moment…. what is at work here? Temperature, gases in liquids…..

I posted on FB to get some of the ideas of my friends. Here they are (see below). What are your ideas?

Scroll to see the next step….

So there were fewer bubbles in the colder water. That means more gas is able to dissolve in the water, otherwise the bubbles would remain separate.

The ability for one thing (solid or has) to dissolve into a liquid is called solubility. Gases are more soluble in colder temperatures – solids are less soluble. (This is why sugar dissolves better in hot coffee than in cold coffee!)


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